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Top Loading Arms

For bulk loading of Rail, Truck and Totes. Updated designs for safety and ease of use.
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Bottom Loading Arms

For bulk loading and unloading. Ease of use for safety and operators, great option for speed and safety.
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100% domestic swivels is our standard. With updated designs for longevity as well as replacement parts readily available.
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About Excel Loading Systems

Excel Loading Systems specializes in manufacturing loading arms for the transfer of liquids. We are a customer focused manufacturing company with our cores beliefs being Quality, Service and Safety. We believe safety and quality are paramount and each design begins with that being the primary focus.

Why Choose Excel Loading Systems?

  • DOMESTIC: 100% domestic products is our standard
  • RESPONSE TIME: Products and replacement parts readily available
  • EXPEDITED DELIVERY: Expedited deliveries for high priority projects is a specialty
  • FLEXIBILITY: Customer design changes accommodated later in the process
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Components traceable through the entire process
excel loading catalog

Download Our Catalog!

Download the Excel Loading catalog to view our top loading arms, bottom loading arms and swivels.
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